Our Crew


Mary Elizabeth Harper 

Museum Director 


Bayne Dunaway 

Facilities Manger


Cameo McDuffie

Community Outreach and Special Events Manager


Christina Myles 

Communications Manager


Roy Palmer

Education Curator


Amanda Lewis 

Museum Attendant


David Phelon 

Museum Attendant 


Khaela Huey 

Museum Educator


Linda Ambrose 

Special Events Coordinator 


Lloyd Hayes 

Museum Attendant


Rebecca Schuchardt 

Museum Technician


Samantha Stone 

Museum Educator


Stew Hood 

Museum Technician 


We "grease the skids" to get something accomplished. When a new ship is ready to launch from inclined shipways, grease is used to overcome weight and inertia. On greased skids, a large vessel will slide easily into the water.