Our Crew


Mary Elizabeth Harper 

Museum Director 


Karla Constantine  

Operations Manager 


Alana Frost 

Education Coordinator 


Christina Myles 

Media Marketing Specialist 


Henderson Cunningham 

Museum Attendant 


Linda Ambrose 

Special Events 


Bayne Dunaway 

Museum Technician 


Stew Hood 

Museum Technician 


Rebecca Schuchardt 

Museum Technician 


Khaela Huey 

Museum Educator 


Sterling Pryor 

Museum Educator 


Qunetta Law 

Museum Educator 


Amanda Lewis 

Museum Attendant 



Someone caught in a predicament is "over a barrel." This expression stems from old-fashioned shipboard discipline, when misbehaving sailors were sometimes tied, spread-eagle, over the barrel of a cannon and flogged with a "cat o' nine tails."