GulfQuest Re-opening June 3rd

May 29, 2020

GulfQuest Re-opening June 3rd

Welcome to GulfQuest!  

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to deep clean and sanitize our facility, as well as make repairs to the facility and our 90+ exhibits. Our top priority during these unprecedented times is to ensure the safety of everyone—staff and visitors alike—as we continue offering an exciting glimpse into the rich cultural, environmental, and economic tapestry of the Gulf of Mexico region. 

If you are a returning visitor, be sure to check out the colorful updates to Junior Mariners on Deck 2, made possible through the creative efforts of GulfQuest staff and the generous donation of supplies from Sherwin-Williams. Also, look for the nemodel ships placed throughout the museum.  

We have made a few adjustments to help us comply with local and national laws and best practices: 


  • Some exhibits will not be available when we first re-open. Those include the Orientation Theater and all of Deck 1A. Once we are confident that they do not present a safety risk, they will be re-opened. 

  • Staff handling exhibits will wear gloves.  

  • Ocean Planet and Take the Helm, along with other favorites, are ready and waiting for your enjoyment. 

 Ticketing and Memberships 

  • You can now purchase tickets and memberships online.  

  • You can also purchase tickets and memberships in person—using checks or credit/debit cards only.  

  • No cash will be accepted until further notice.  


  • Hours will initially be restricted provide enough time for thorough sanitation of exhibits and facilities. 

  • Hours will expand after re-opening.  

Museum Capacity and Tours  

  • There will be limits on the maximum number of visitors permitted in the museum. 

  • All visitors will now receive guided tours that assure a safe, memorable, and personalized museum experience.  

  • These tours will take between 60 and 90 minutes.  

  • Tour schedules will be posted on museum doors and GulfQuest's website.  

Additional Information  

Whether you have purchased tickets in advance or plan to do so upon arrival, be aware that:  

  • Temperatures will be scanned before entry. 
  • Everyone must wear face-coverings (commercial or homemade). 
  • Except for the Family Restrooms in the lobby, restroom doors will be propped open to reduce the need for touch. Please follow posted signs regarding occupancy and distancing. 
  • Entrance is only through a single door at the front (Water Street side). 
  • The gift shop is available online.

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