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In the News


"GulfQuest’s annual 4th of July Celebration is going to be inside the museum from 2pm-7pm, and in Cooper Riverside Park from 2pm-9pm on Thursday, July 4th. " - Jun 25, 2019

"Visitors will have a chance not only to take dockside tours of the 139-foot wooden vessel, but to book sailing trips in Mobile Bay. "It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." " - Oct 31, 2016

"They’ve earned TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence. That means they’ve gotten an overall 4 out of 5 rating over several months. "

WKRG - Aug 9, 2016

"With the beckoning cry of Adventures Aweigh!, GulfQuest Museum invites families aboard for an interactive adventure and education getaway that promises to keep dinner table conversations at a high level for weeks. With the beckoning cry of Adventures Aweigh!, GulfQuest Museum invites families aboard for an interactive adventure and education getaway that promises to keep dinner table conversations at a high level for weeks.  "

DeSoto Magazine - Jul 29, 2016

"Being a port city, educating our community about our port is crucial. Every person should know what is going on along our waterfront. Gulf Quest does just this. "

City of Mobile - Jul 29, 2016

"Designed to resemble a vessel, the museum has an educational focus with hands-on exhibits, theaters and simulators. One of the most thought-provoking exhibits is The Great Gulf Challenge—in which visitors simulate making environmental and economic choices to restore balance while facing realistic disasters. "

Chattanooga Magazine - Jul 29, 2016

"Is the Galley museum cafe at Gulfquest one of the best new lunch spots in Mobile? I can’t say because my mouth is so full of the gargantuan feast I ordered, but know that I am vigorously nodding my head yes. "

Visit South - Jun 28, 2016

"At the forefront of the city’s novel attractions is GulfQuest, a national maritime museum opened in fall 2015. The riverfront museum spotlights the heritage and economic importance of the Gulf of Mexico, which Mobile Bay is an inlet of. Designed to resemble a container vessel, the museum has an educational focus, with hands-on exhibits, theaters and simulators. "

The Tennessean - Jun 24, 2016

"About 220 runners were happy that this morning was a little cooler. They competed in the first Race to the River. "

WKRG - Jun 24, 2016

"Once inside, Mobile’s celebration of the gulf and its vital shipping industry continues with a full-size replica of a container ship, the technology for which was invented in Mobile. It’s so realistic, including gulf water slapping its hull, that visitors do a double take. "

The London Free Press - Jun 24, 2016

"I won’t lie, I was a bit skeptical about how much I’d learn when I took a tour of GulfQuest—the pictures showed that it was a beautiful museum, but I grew up here in Mobile. I’m a local. Surely there’s not much to learn about the Gulf of Mexico that I don’t already know … silly me. "

VisitSouth - May 19, 2016

"On Saturday, Mobile's GulfQuest museum will offer interested viewers an early look at "Dispatches from the Gulf," a new documentary on the Gulf of Mexico's recovery following the Deepwater Horizon disaster. " - Apr 7, 2016

"Looking out at Cooper Riverside Park I was more than proud to have taken an out-of-towner to this lunch spot. It’s a good thing we got there as early as we did. By the end of our meal the place was packed. -- Andy MacDonald, Lagniappe Food Critic "

Lagniappe - Feb 25, 2016

"It's an embarassment of riches, people. We're talking museums here devoted to art, science, Mardi Gras, history . . . and most recently, the jaw-dropping GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico. "

Coastal Living - Feb 25, 2016

"It has been a successful start to the holiday season for some of Mobile’s new riverside attractions. GulfQuest is closing in on 15,000 guests and Riverside Ice is beating expectations, according to Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s office. "

Lagniappe - Dec 8, 2015

"Mobile’s new waterfront maritime museum is a dream two decades in the making. After years of planning and construction, the GulfQuest Museum finally opened its doors late last month — and all indications are that it was worth the wait. " - Oct 30, 2015

"If you'll pardon an obvious metaphor, Mobile's GulfQuest Maritime Museum appears to have enjoyed smooth sailing in its first few weeks of operation. " - Oct 30, 2015

"The newest gem to open in the Port City is the GulfQuest National Maritime Museum. If you haven't been yet, bring the entire family and enjoy. " - Oct 14, 2015

"“It’s really exceeded our expectations in every way especially in the way that people really seem to enjoy themselves,” spokesperson Diana Brewer said. WKRG's Emily DeVoe visited GulfQuest for the grand opening, and talked to several visitors about their experiences. "

WKRG - Sep 27, 2015

"Prior to opening, GulfQuest invited some Mobile and Baldwin County school children to visit GulfQuest. BCBE Communications Director Terry Wilhite captured the experience, and their feedback, in this video. "

Vimeo - Sep 26, 2015

"The GulfQuest "ship" was officially christened Thursday, Sept. 24, during the pre-opening Maiden Voyage--A GulfQuest Gala. See the full story here. "

WKRG - Sep 25, 2015

"WKRG anchors Devon Walsh and Peter Albrecht, and meteorologist Melissa Constanzer take you on a tour of GulfQuest, giving you an upclose view of many of the 90 exhibits, simulators and theaters. Watch to see which exhibits made their Top 5 list! " - Sep 16, 2015

""Above Mobile Bay" is modeled after a ship's sails. Each piece was dyed separately and then seamed, together, "using the same seam a real sailor uses to make a sail work." " - Aug 10, 2015

"The museum has had a long gestation, to put it mildly, with a fair share of wrangling over funding and construction delays. It's been six years since groundbreaking ceremonies took place at the institution's site on the downtown waterfront. Understandably, it was a big deal earlier this month when GulfQuest leadership publicly set Saturday, Sept. 26 as opening day." - Aug 7, 2015

"It can be hard to imagine what the museum is like and why it can earn such an award so quickly but the director is confident that when the doors open to the public, they'll immediately understand. I have to say I completely agree." - Aug 4, 2015

"Whether you're in the mood to navigate remote controlled tug boats, pilot a ship or explore dive trails in the Gulf of Mexico, GulfQuest seems to have something for everyone. " - Aug 3, 2015


This means "in good order." Sailors from Bristol, England took particular pride in the look of their vessels, keeping them well painted and clean when in port. Richard Henry Dana used the term in Two Years Before the Mast (1841).