Group Visits



GulfQuest is the perfect place for groups of all sorts and sizes. From senior groups to scout troops, and from corporate meetings to bus tours, GulfQuest can arrange a fantastic visit tailored to your specific needs.

Our team of Visitor Services professionals and educators will work with you every step of the way, making each group visit or tour outstanding. Our team can tailor a complete itinerary to fit your group’s schedule, interests, and budget with:


  • Generous group discounts and benefits
  • Lunch options
  • Dedicated Group Services check-in with a bus drop-off area and group check-in area to make registration fast and simple
  • Museum representative who will greet your party and assist with check-in
  • Tour Guide options 



Group Rate (10 or more)

Adult (18-64)


Youth (5-17)


Seniors (65+)



Group rates and services are only available with reservations. There is a group minimum of 12 people. Please make reservations at least two weeks before the date in mind. Arrange your visit now by calling 251.208.1044 or 251.208.1047, Tuesday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



Our Visitor Services team and educators will help make your visit an incredible experience. They will assist with customized packages and itineraries, benefits, and services designed just for Tour & Travel professionals. As the only museum in the world dedicated to the rich heritage of the Gulf of Mexico region, GulfQuest is sure to become one of your best seller bookings.

Think GulfQuest for:

  • Domestic and international tourists
  • Senior travel
  • School and camp groups



We love hosting field trips, scouts, campers, and youth groups! From scavenger hunts and classroom programs to simulators and interactive exhibits that feature the latest technologies, GulfQuest is the most inspiring museum on the Gulf Coast! Give your student groups a dynamic, interactive, and educational experience that is also a whole lot of fun!


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