Educator Resources


GulfQuest's goal is to provide teachers and their students with an UNforgettable EDUCATIONAL experience.

GulfQuest offers the following resources to help educators maximize learning outcomes before, during and after their field trip to GulfQuest:

GulfQuest Education Program Guide 2019-2020

Pre- and Post-visit Ideas   –  Offers suggestions on how to prepare students for a field trip and provide follow-up activities after their visit. These will include curriculum connections to social studies, science, math, literature and writing.

Treasure Hunts

Scavenger Hunts help students stay focused on learning outcomes. They also prompt them to engage with the exhibits on a deeper level. Choose one of the Treasure Hunts below based on your grade level and content needs. Be sure to include your chaperones- you might be surprised how much they enjoy these activities, too!

Grades K-2 Grades 3-5 Grades 6-9 Navigation Grades 4-8 Ships and Boats Grades 4-8 Weather Grades 4-8 Navigation High School Shipping High School

Exhibit Connections to State Courses of Study

In each link below, you will find a description that outlines how certain GulfQuest exhibits connect with each state's standards.

Alabama Objectives Florida Objectives Mississippi Objectives





Home school groups may book a field trip and a Classroom Program.



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