Embark on Seafaring Adventures!

At GulfQuest, you'll find a treasure chest of educational programs, workshops and events that expand on the maritime traditions and history of the Gulf of Mexico regions.

Our programs provide unique hands-on learning experiences for those interested in exploring maritime science, history and culture. We have something for everyone!

  • For school groups, youth organizations and homeschoolers, GulfQuest offers field trips, guided tours, and Summer Maritime Academies.

  • For families, GulfQuest offers guided tours upon request, as well as occasional holiday programs and special events

  • For adults, GulfQuest provides entertaining maritime-themed evening programs on a monthly basis. These events typically feature guest speakers and refreshments. Stay tuned to our "news and announcements" section and visit our Facebook page to find out what's on the agenda. 

  • For educators, workshops will incorporate hands-on learning techniques for use in the classroom.

GulfQuest’s mission is to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to understand and appreciate the Gulf Coast’s rich maritime heritage through exhibits, programs, and activities. Through our programs, we hope to raise awareness of the Gulf's significance and encourage youth to pursue educational opportunities and careers in maritime research and industries that are vital to the Gulf Coast.


During sudden storms or certain naval operations, it can be necessary to put to sea quickly. Lacking time to haul up the anchor, its cable might be cut. Today, this means to abandon our plans and make a getaway.