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The People Behind the Industry

Oct 15, 2020 -

The People Behind the Industry

The maritime industry at the most basic level is water commerce. It is the movement of goods, services, and people around the world by way of the water. This movement could be for commercial or military purposes, but whatever the reason we know that there cannot be any type industry without people. The maritime industry is no exception.  

The maritime industry in the Gulf of Mexico operates out of 68 different ports and harbors in 3 different countries, including the United States. The ports along the Gulf Coast alone account for over 5,000 of the 400,000 persons employed by the maritime industry in the United States 

These people are employed in fields such as, shipyards, marine terminals, fishing, aquaculture, seafood processing, commercial diving, and marine transportation to name a few. Within these fields are very specific and important positions that most people, even those of us that are native to the Gulf Coast, have never heard or thought of before. So, those of us here at GulfQuest decided to change that. 

We want to place faces to positions and showcase the jobs of those that make the maritime industry what it is today. We want to highlight the variety of maritime related jobs there are right here on the Gulf Coast. We want to bring the people behind the industry to you. 

We hope you enjoy their stories!


Sailors pulling on a rope during heavy labor plant their feet, pull with one hand, then hold the rope in their fist while reaching out with their other hand, thereby pulling "hand over fist." Today this means rapid progress.