The Ship's Log

Lunch at GulfQuest, anyone?

Apr 5, 2016 - GulfQuest News

Living on the Gulf Coast, we’ve become accustomed to dining “on the waterfront.” We gravitate toward those restaurants with a view, especially ones that offer outdoor seating on these picture-perfect spring days.

For the first time in years, maybe even decades, you can now enjoy waterfront and outdoor dining in downtown Mobile—at GulfQuest! The Galley at GulfQuest is open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday – Sunday. And with menu items ranging from gumbo (and grits!), to foot-long shrimp po-boys, creole pasta with shrimp and sausage, fish tacos, fried green tomatoes and good old-fashioned hamburgers, The Galley is not your traditional museum café. Beer and wine? We have that, too.

We’ve also added a new perk that many in downtown Mobile will appreciate. The regular parking fee for GulfQuest is $5. We realized, however, that some folks might not want to pay $5 to park just to have lunch for an hour (or visit our museum store or meet with our special events director), so we’ve put in a new plan that offers $1/1-hour parking. There’s a grace period (don’t worry, you won’t get a ticket if your lunch goes over an hour!), but after that grace period is up, you will need to pay the full $5 or risk getting a ticket. We’re just trying to be fair to our visitors, after all.

So now you have another reason to seek out waterfront dining on these absolutely beautiful spring days. And if you need a little more encouragement, check out The Galley menu at


A ship's cargo is traditionally loaded by lowering it through large openings in the deck, called "hatches." Nowadays, the term is a toast offered before taking food or drink.