The Ship's Log

GulfQuest Summer Camps promote fun, friendships and memories!

Jun 9, 2016 - Education and Programs

Do you remember what the month of May was like as a child? I think memories of the end of school and the beginning of summer are more vivid for me because I was so excited about a change…and a break!

The “child Amy” loved the sweet anticipation of summer. I remember sitting in my 5th grade classroom during the last few weeks of fourth quarter daydreaming about hot lazy days, cool swimming pools, and fun filled nights in the backyard tent. The grass at my house was so thick and soft it invited you to walk barefoot, and there was no colder water in all of Mobile County than the water in our very own garden hose. I had no limit to the Nancy Drew novels I checked out from the library, because I didn’t have to sacrifice my reading time to the homework gods. My book bag and school shoes were packed away until next year, and my child’s heart was free!

By far, summer camps were some of the most treasured parts of my break. They promised adventure and I knew that fun and friends awaited me. I didn’t care if I was enriched, challenged and stimulated. I just wanted to be part of the magic of summer camp: fun, friendships and memories.

I find the “adult Amy” isn’t quite as easy to please. I’ve scoured the worldwide web and local newspapers and magazines for information about summer activities for children in Mobile. I want the kiddos’ minds and hands busy with activities that are not Xbox controllers or tablets. I don’t want them sitting in front of a television watching movies all day, or baking in the hot sun on a playground for endless hours.

I want the summer camp magic I experienced as a child for them, with the “adult Amy’s” criteria craftily camouflaged by the fun activities. At the end of the day I want to hear happy stories about all the new experiences they’ve had and the new friends they’ve made. I want the kids to wake up excited about their new day at camp, filled with anticipation about the adventures and friends awaiting them.

As an Educator at GulfQuest I can honestly say our Summer Camp programs meet the criteria of both the “child Amy” and the “adult Amy.” Our Educators have worked tirelessly to craft a fun-filled curriculum that feels like pure adventure and fun for the campers that enroll. We want to inspire and challenge each camper to grow and learn new things, while creating an environment that encourages and promotes fun, friendships, and memories.

Our Spring Break Camps set the bar high. Our Educators witnessed the magic of camp happen in our classrooms and exhibits, and they aspire to provide that experience for our campers again this summer.

To learn more about GulfQuest’s Summer Camps, click here. There is still time to register your child and give them that summer camp magic filled with new friends and new adventures!


A completed task or opportunity secured is said to be "sewn up." This expression may come from sailors' usage, when the last act performed for a fallen shipmate was to sew his body inside canvas for burial at sea.