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Treasures of the Sea

The public phase of the “Charting our Course” capital campaign is centered on the marine life of the Gulf of Mexico. Donors, with gifts ranging from $250 to $1,000, will be recognized on a permanent, beautiful glass sculpture that features likenesses of marine life molded in kiln-cast, deep relief glass.  The colorful tiles will be illuminated from behind, creating a spectacular view near the entrance to the museum’s galleries.

The commemorative tiles that make up this sculpture will become a monument to the community’s love of the Gulf of Mexico and the important role it plays in our lives. This will also be an opportunity to honor or memorialize a loved one that has a connection to our waterways, the port or the maritime industry in general.


Purchase a commemorative line on one of four sizes of decorative glass tiles:

$250: One line, 12 point type, up to 34 characters, 6 x 6 tile
$500 One line, 16 point type, up to 34 characters, 8 x 8 tile
$750 One line, 22 point type, up to 50 characters, 12 x 12 tile
$1,000 One line, 32 point type, up to 50 characters, 16 x 16 tile

Proceeds from the public phase of the capital campaign will help underwrite the completion of exhibits addressing ship design, shipbuilding and historic ships of the Gulf of Mexico. These exhibits will be located on Deck 4 of the museum’s galleries.

Download the brochure and tile order form.




A completed task or opportunity secured is said to be "sewn up." This expression may come from sailors' usage, when the last act performed for a fallen shipmate was to sew his body inside canvas for burial at sea.