Field Trips


Currently accepting reservations for field Trips

Ready to lead your students on a quest to discover the Gulf of Mexico?

With 90 interactive exhibits, simulators and theaters, GulfQuest is an educator's dream. From stem to stern, GulfQuest provides unique learning opportunities that will engage and inspire your students from the moment they arrive. GulfQuest is the first museum of its kind to feature hands-on exhibits focused entirely on the unique maritime aspects of the Gulf of Mexico.

Our goal for your students is to inspire an interest in the maritime history and culture as well as the science and technology of the Gulf Coast as a region. Within the museum, interactive exhibits, simulators and presentations provide one-of-a-kind learning opportunities for students on multiple exhibit decks. Along the way, GulfQuest educators and volunteers will engage your students, providing teaching moments specific to each exhibit.

For information about Pre-K Field Trips, please email


Planning Your Trip

Please call at least two weeks in advance.

Discounted admission rates are available for 15 or more students who visit as a group:

Students (grades K-12)..... $10.00
Pre-K (click for info)..... $10.00
Chaperones...................... $10.00
Teachers.............................Free Admission
Classroom Programs.....Included (optional)
(First-come, first-serve basis when booking your field trip)
  • Payment is due upon arrival, and should be made with a school check made payable to GulfQuest. (Payment must be made with a school check in order to be tax exempt.) Home school groups may also book a field trip. Home school groups, however, are not tax exempt.
  • After booking your trip, you and the teachers on your grade-level may visit GulfQuest for free! This is an opportune time to become acquainted with the museum, explore the exhibits, and create structure for your visit. Simply provide your name and the names of the other teachers on your grade level to your reservationist when you book your field trip. You will then need to check in with Visitor Services the day you choose to visit. You may visit together as a grade-level or individually. The complimentary visit does not extend to family or friends, only the teachers who will visit on a field trip.
  • Still deciding whether GulfQuest should be your field trip destination? Contact our Education Department – – and arrange a time to tour the museum.
  • Home Schools are not tax exempt.

supervising your crew!

Chaperones are very important. To ensure a positive learning experience, GulfQuest requests that each school group maintains the following chaperone-to-student ratio:

  • Preschool – At least 1 adult per 3 students
  • Elementary and Middle – At least 1 adult per 5 students
  • High -- At least 1 adult per 7 students

Because it will be challenging for large groups to maneuver through exhibits, theaters and simulators, we recommend that school groups break up into smaller groups led by teachers or chaperones who can facilitate learning experiences and help maintain discipline.

Charting Your Course

Plan on taking about 15 minutes to complete your reservation.

Call 251.436.8901 Tuesdays through Fridays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Be ready with the following information:

  • Preferred date of visit and arrival time; be flexible in case your date is booked.
  • Name of school, district, address and telephone number of school.
  • Person in charge of group and his/her phone number.
  • Grade level and number of students, teachers and chaperones attending.
  • Plans for lunch. Whether you bring or order lunch, reserve a space in the lunchroom.

We will provide you with the total cost of your visit and your confirmation number. All payments are due upon arrival the date of your visit. Payments should be made with a school check made out to GulfQuest.

boarding passes

Once you book, GulfQuest will send you these important documents via email:

  1. Confirmation Statement from our Reservations Department.
  2. Itinerary and Museum Map from our Group Sales Department.
  3. Chaperone Contract, Treasure Hunt (grade-level scavenger hunt), and Pre- and Post-Visit ideas from our Education Department.

Changing Your Course

Please inform GulfQuest of any changes at least 48 hours prior to your visit.

If you must cancel, please contact the reservations office at least one full calendar week before your scheduled visit. Those who fail to provide a week's advance notice will be charged a cancellation fee of $75 or 25% of the total reservation, whichever is higher.

Notify us if you need to cancel a Classroom Program. GulfQuest educators reserve the right to cancel a class with fewer than 15 students.

In the event you are running late, please notify us so we can plan accordingly.

Feeding Your Crew

Decide whether to bring your own lunch or order lunch through the museum's cafe. Either way, we'll help you reserve a time for your class to eat in our school lunchroom. Alternatively, you may choose to eat outside in the amphitheater or in Cooper Riverside Park, overlooking the Mobile River.

If you're bringing your lunches, bring them in cardboard boxes with your school name printed on the side.

Upon arrival, you will load your lunches on provided carts (marked with your school name and lunch time) and transport them into the building. Once inside, GulfQuest staff will transport your lunch to the lunchroom. 

Lunches may be pre-ordered from the museum’s restaurant, The Galley at (251) 202-6318. The lunches will be delivered to the lunchroom at your designated lunch time. 

Students 10 years old and under - $5.75

  • Turkey & Cheese on Kaiser Roll
  • Ham & Cheese on Kaiser Roll
    • Served with Chips, Grapes and a Cookie

Students 11 years and over - $6.50

  • Turkey & Cheese on Hoagie
  • Ham & Cheese on Hoagie
  • Roast Beef & Cheese on Hoagie
  • Turkey on Hoagie, No Cheese
    • Served wtih Chips, Grapes, Rice Krispy Treats and a Cookie

Teachers and Chaperones - $8.50

  • Chicken Salad on Croissant
  • Turkey & Provolone on Kaiser Roll
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap
  • Roast Beef & Provolone on Hoagie
  • Ham & Swiss on Kaiser Roll
    • Served with Pasta Salad, Chips and a Brownie

Check Out Our Loot

Be sure to allow time for your students to search for unique, educational items in Treasures, GulfQuest's museum store, located on the first floor. Treasures offers a wide selection of items that complement the museum's interactive exhibits and programs. Nautical themed t-shirts, games, books, models, kits and souvenirs are available for any age (and any budget).

Arriving at GulfQuest

A greeter from GulfQuest will meet your bus when it arrives. The greeter will direct you to Group Check-In. To expedite the process, bring your Confirmation Statement and an exact count of students and adults (teachers and chaperones).

Payment is due upon arrival, and should be made with a school check made payable to GulfQuest. (Payment must be made on a school check in order to be tax exempt.) 

Buses will unload and load in front of GulfQuest. There is limited bus parking on museum grounds except for drop-off and pick-up. Buses may also park at the Mobile Civic Center.


We receive a "clean bill of health" when our plans are approved. Ships are sometimes quarantined on arrival, pending inspection for infectious diseases. Finding none, officials issue a Bill of Health, a certificate that permits passengers and crew to disembark.