Summer Maritime Academies


Welcome to SPRING AND summer maritime academies, 2019!


Join us for GulfQuest's Spring and Summer Maritime Academies! All rising 1st-6th graders are eligible! Academy activities related to each theme will be taught in the museum's classrooms. The curriculum for each Academy has strong STEM components, mixed in with art, music, and fun! During Academies cadets will also visit and experience GulfQuest exhibits related to the Academy's theme each day, and hear from special guest speakers. Our Academies are led by GulfQuest Educators in a safe and secure learning environment. A snack will be provided daily; campers will need to bring a lunch.

Ship's Log (Important info)

  • Weekly Academies run Monday-Friday
  • 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Rising 1st-6th graders are eligible.
  • Parent/guardian signs cadet in/out each day in GulfQuest lobby
  • Drop-off/pick-up details included in registration confirmation
  • Cadets bring own lunch; GulfQuest will provide a snack
  • Registration remains open until Academy is filled



Monday, April 15:  Walk on the Wild Side!

            Cadets will conquer their fear of the dark and unknown during this exciting day of Academy! Together with our team of experienced educators cadets will dive into the Twilight Zone of the Gulf of Mexico in search of some of the Gulf’s most interesting inhabitants! Cadets will enter a mysterious underwater world where dragonfish and medusa reign supreme, and creative creatures become beautifully bioluminescent!

Tuesday, April 16:  Navigation Nightmare!

            Shipwrecked! Lost at sea! Stranded on a deserted island! This Academy will turn cadets into problem-solving navigators as they discover the science of magnetic anomalies, rogue waves, water spouts, and seafloor eruptions! Learning from some of the best navigators on the Gulf Coast, cadets will discover alternative ways to navigate without using modern technology.

Wednesday, April 17:  Investi-gator

            Step aside, Sherlock Holmes! Cadets will use their superior sleuthing skills to get to the bottom of some of the very best mysteries we experience right here on the Gulf of Mexico! What causes the white blanket of fog that descends over Mobile at night? How do those tiny tug boats push and pull Navy ships in the Mobile River? Why does the Eastern Shore of Mobile experience Jubilees and red tides? Cadets will use the scientific method to solve these Gulf Coast mysteries! 

Thursday, April 18:  AKA: H2O

            Water, water, everywhere! Living on the Gulf of Mexico cadets experience water in many different forms. In the GulfQuest classrooms cadets will become scientist, using tools to experiment with water samples from different communities on the Gulf Coast. Using the scientific method cadets will perform experiments to learn about storm surge and water pressure. A guest speaker will help cadets learn about our water shed right here in Mobile, and develop ways to keep it clean.

Friday, April 19:  Geological Genius

            It’s time to ROCK n’ roll and DIG in with this Academy! Cadets will discover the cosmic connection the Gulf of Mexico has to outer space, and experiment with plate tectonics using the design and engineer process! Cadets will learn about the different types of sand found all over the world, and how they compare with the beautiful white sand found right here on our coast! For the grand finale, cadets will use sand to create their very own masterpiece to take home.


June 10-14

June 24-28

July 8-12

Summer Academy Prices
$150.00/$130.00 for each additional child
$190.00/$170.00 for each additional child

Boarding Pass (Registration Information)

  • Maximum class size: 15
  • Minimum class size: 8 (If class registration does not meet minimum, class will be cancelled and you will be notified one week in advance.)
  • Register by phone: 251-436-8901 (If by phone, please have the following information ready):
    • Cadet name, age, current grade
    • Parent/guardian name
    • Address, phone number, email address
    • GulfQuest Membership number (if applicable)
    • Academy dates
    • Payment (full payment due at time of registration)
  • Register by email: download and complete the registration form (below) and return by email to
  • Register in person: download and complete the registration form (below) and bring to Visitor Services at GulfQuest. No postal mail, please.
  • Upon registration, you will receive an email confirmation along with other important Academy details.
  • Cancellation policy: For a full refund, you must give one week's notice.
  • If you have specific questions about the Academies, email or call Amy Raley, Education Manager.

Spring Registration Form - Click here


When we win every contest, we make a clean sweep. Centuries ago, the Dutch navy hoisted brooms aloft, boasting they could "sweep" their enemies from the seas. This practice continued into modern times aboard submarines returning from successful patrols.